Renaissance Vision Coverage

Adding Renaissance Vision coverage to your dental plan couldn’t be easier. You may purchase our vision coverage as a standalone benefit or bundle dental and vision for easy administration.

Renaissance vision coverage is administered by VSP. With over 65 million members and more than 31,000 doctors, VSP boasts the largest national network of independent doctors (1). Eye care professionals across the nation partner with VSP to deliver the best patient experience. You’ll be thrilled by the large selection of eyewear available to you, from classic styles to trendy frames, and you’ll find hundreds of options to choose from. Frames include dozens of top brand names, so you can find one that fits your personality.

Vision Coverage through VSP Eye Doctors

The best eye doctors provide the best care. VSP carefully chooses eye doctors based on their professional licensing, work history, education, professional liability, and ethics. Vision members will receive quality care with an eye exam from a VSP doctor.

  • Certified care: VSP optometrists are Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent (TPA) certified and opthalmologists are America Board of Ophthalmology (ABO) certified.
  • Excellent Standards: The VSP credentialing process complies with the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) standards.

In-Network Coverage

WellnessVision Exam – Focuses on your eyes and overall wellness
Every 12 months
Prescription Glasses
See frame and lenses
Frame – $130 allowance for a wide selection of frames. 20% savings on the amount over your allowance
Included in prescription glasses
Every 24 months
Lenses – Single vision, lined bifocal, lined trifocal, and lenticular lenses. Polycarbonate lenses for dependant children
Included in prescription glasses
Every 12 months
Lens enhancements – Progressive lenses: Standard/Premium/Custom – Avg. savings of 20-25% on other lens enhancements
Every 12 months
Contacts (instead of glasses) – $130 allowance for contacts; copay does not apply. Contact lens exam (evaulation and fitting). Medically necessary covered in full after $20.00 copay.
Up to $60 can be applied to contact lens evaluation and fitting
Every 12 months
Extra Savings
Glasses/Sunglasses – 20% savings on additional glasses and sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your WellVision Exam.
Contacts – 15% savings on a contact lens exam (fitting an evaluation)
Laser Vision Correction – Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities.
Out-of-Network Coverage (2)
Exam – Up to $45
Single vision lenses – Up to $30
Lined trifocal lenses – Up to $65
Contacts – Up to $105 ($210 necessary)
Frame – Up to $70
Lined bifocal lenses – Up to $50
Progressive lenses – Up to $50
Lenticular lenses – Up to $100

Members must enroll in the plan for 12 months Members who terminate will not be allowed re-entry for 12 months from termination date.

(1) VSP internal data. (2) Coverage with a retail chain affiliate may be different. Once your benefit is effective, visit www.myrenbenefits.com for details. Coverage information is subject to change. In the event of a conflict between this information and your organization’s contract with Renaissance, the terms of the contract will prevail. Based on applicable laws, benefits may vary by location.

Underwritten by Renaissance Life & Health INsurance Company of America, Indianapolis, IN. and in New York by Renaissance Health Insurance Company of New York, NY. Both companies may be reached at PO Box 1596. Indianapolis, IN. 46206

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